It wasn’t until my second year of college that I really began to think about the possibility of a life changing God. I guess I kind of believed in God but not in a way that I wanted to change my own destructive habits. I wanted to be exactly like everyone else. I wanted to party, hook up with people, and do my own thing. Although I’m not perfect now and never would claim to be, I was much more self-centered. Although I may not have seemed like the worst guy on earth, my habits were just poor.

Fast forward to my present day mindset and the question on my mind becomes: what do you do when you feel a lack of satisfaction? I offer this to anyone with that same question on their mind because I believe I may have an answer for you. The answer is God.

Let me explain. As I partied it up in high school and in college, and I did my own thing, I noticed a growing trend. As I began to put more and more stock into the party life and a lot of the relationships I had at the time, I felt like I was always coming up short. I had a mindset that life was about living it up only. But if life was about living it up then where in the world was the satisfaction? As far as I was concerned, I never felt full satisfaction in the things I was doing. Sure there were times where I enjoyed myself but there were also huge periods of time where things just seemed uncertain and empty. That’s actually the best way I can describe the feelings I had at the time. The glass seemed to be half-empty.

That’s exactly what I view this life as without God. I believe there are ways to find happiness outside of God but I believe that full satisfaction is also impossible without him. The hope that comes with putting your trust in him is incredible. As I was driving home today these were my exact thoughts! I’ve never been one to believe in taking ten pages to get your point across either so I’ll leave it at that!

Have a good day and feel free to leave a comment, share this, or ask me about it personally!

4 thoughts on “The Glass Half-Empty

  1. Mary says:

    Without God there is no satisfaction! May we encourage one another in our walk with God. Proverbs 27:17-Iron sharpens iron, & one man sharpens another.

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    1. You’re absolutely right Mary!


  2. Everything was just spot on! As a Muslim and a person who came back to God,this piece truly explains everything.Your writings are truly though-provoking and inspirational.Keep writing.. If it’s not any trouble would you mind checking my blog out..? Have a good day ahead!

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    1. Thanks I appreciate that! There is actually a follow tab on my home page so you can get updates when i write. Of course I already checked out your page before you posted this which is a crazy! You should also add a follow widget to your page so people can regularly see your content.


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