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As the 2015-2016 NBA regular season comes to a wind, everyone is following the Golden State Warriors closely. On April 13th, the Warriors will go for the seemingly impossible 73 regular season wins. Let that sink in for a second. That’s right, 73 regular season wins. That would put them at a final tally of 73 and 9 for the season which is one win ahead of the 95-96 Bulls.


Whether the Warriors accomplish this incredible task or not, the question on everyone’s mind lately seems to be whether this team could withstand a 7 game series again Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the Bulls. I am here to tell you why the Warriors would not only be competitive against this Bulls team, but why they would also win the series.

Too often I hear people saying that the Warriors would not be able to withstand the physicality of the 95-96 Bulls. Others would say that Scottie Pippen would lock down Steph Curry and that Michael Jordan would score and defend at will. That Michael Jordan and his legendary status would be too much and too clutch for the Warriors to handle. Then you got Dennis Rodman the crazy maniac pulling down 25 boards and dismantling the glass. I have heard every argument in the book as to why the Bulls would destroy the so called “soft” Golden State Warriors. To make my point, I am going to use some simple logic by going all the way back to the NBA of the 60’s and 70’s where Wilt Chamberlain was arguably the most dominant big man of all time. In the 61-62 NBA season, Wilt Chamberlain dominated opposing teams by averaging 50.4 points per game and pulling down 25.7 rebounds per game. It is safe to say that Wilt was a man among boys in his prime and one of the most phenomenal players in NBA history. So what does Wilt have to do with the discussion?

Wilt Chamberlain is the prime example of the teams and players dominating their era. I challenge you to simply type in Wilt Chamberlain highlights on YouTube and you’ll find out that the NBA has evolved since his time. The current state of the NBA is ten times better than its ever been. If you look at those highlights, you’ll see that players were smaller, less athletic, and not as well coached. It is true that the NBA has evolved in the aspects of coaching, athleticism, height, fitness, nutrition, and so much more.

Put this same Golden State Warriors team up among the famous Jordan Bulls teams and I guarantee that they would beat them in a seven game series. Just like you cannot compare historic Celtics teams with the 90’s Bulls, you also cannot compare these Warriors to them either. Simply put, the evolution of anything becomes more defined as time passes. Since the 90’s, the NBA has more skillful and athletic players than it ever has.

Nevertheless, I think the series would be very close but ultimately come down to a much more skillful Warriors team. I’m taking the Warriors 4 games to the Bulls 3. Michael Jordan does his thing averaging 34 points per game and another game winner. Typical stuff from the legendary Michael Jordan. While MJ gets his on the offensive end, the Warriors ball movement is too advanced and too much for the Bulls to handle in a 7 game series. In the end, the modern day legend Steph Curry assassinates the Bulls from 3 point land. Let’s be real, no player in history could actually stop Steph. Maybe slow him down a bit. Curry finishes the series as MVP and averages 35 points per game. Meanwhile, Steve Kerr coaches his team to victory while a much younger and athletic Steve Kerr looks on.

In the end, you cannot take away from what the Bulls of the 90’s accomplished. They are the best team in history. Being the best team in history does not validate match ups against modern day and old school teams. If these Golden State Warriors go on to win 73 games and the NBA championship this year, then we might even be able to start talking about them as one of the best of all time. Maybe Stephen Curry can even enter the Jordan discussion. Until the Warriors really win two or three more championships I think we can all agree that the Bulls hold the title for best team in NBA history. But like I said before, the title of “best team in NBA history” does not validate a one on one match up between teams of different generations. The current Warriors are way more advanced than any team in history. But, I guess we will never actually know for sure. Dang I wish we had time machines. What a matchup that would be to watch!

I’d love to hear your feedback and opinion on this matter! This is definitely one of the most interesting conversations in all of sports. Share, like, comment, or subscribe to the page. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “2015-2016 Warriors Best in History?

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