The world you live in today is in fact a matrix. I promise you it is. According to TheFreeDictionary the matrix is defined as “A situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained.” I want you to take a second and notice the word contained. That’s right, we are contained in the matrix. We are restricted, boxed in, and held against our will.

At this point I may be losing some of you but I’m asking you to bare with me because this is your life that I’m talking about. It’s my life and your life and I care about it. For the longest time I used to wonder if I should be questioning the world and the way it worked. As a kid I would often question things that I saw on the news only do be derailed by people who told me not to be like “those crazy conspiracy nuts out there”. So what did I do? I listened to every word they told me. I doubted my thought process on the matter, and since my brain was not fully developed, I had nothing to back up my claims.

Fast forward to today where my mind is fully developed and I am confident in my claims. I can and will question the way the system works because that is called free thinking. I refuse to be confined or restricted by the world and you should too. America, and the world for that matter, tells us to go to our 9 to 5 job and be a productive member of society. It tells us to never question the story the media tells us on a terrible tragedy. The Boston bombings, Newton school children being killed, etc. etc. etc (and no I’m not assuming all the facts were tampered with or that those stories were fabricated because I know their not). But why? Why is it so wrong to question an event. People will tell you not to question something because it is disrespectful to the families that lost their loved ones. What I find disrespectful is not making sure we know the truth of the matter about events in this world where people have died because of it. Each life is important and we should find truth in all circumstances. Is it so wrong to think that the media and the world’s elite could be corrupt? Is it really so wrong?

The world tells you who you should be. It tells you to settle for the money instead of doing the things you love. The world wrongly puts women into sex-trafficking and sends people with different colored skin on trade ships to America where we’re told only the good things in American history. The world doesn’t want to remind you of how Colonies killed off Native Americans. No it doesn’t. It wants you to believe that the world is full of sunshine and rainbows and that we should never question the current society at hand. Now people are saying that this is “the modern age”. We’re moving on past this to bigger and better things. Well guess what. Most of you still do not realize that the media and the world is playing you. Most people now have never done their research enough to realize that most things on the news are taken out of context. I call these people “the headline readers”. The worst part is that people actually believe this stuff without questioning it.

Not only are you trapped in the world’s matrix, but you’re trapped in the matrix of your mind. You don’t have to conform to the way society wants you to think. You are uniquely different and talented in your own sense. Don’t be stuck in the matrix. I can also point you to someone who helped me through this to be confident in my beliefs. God.

*Featured photo by Tony Werman via flickr

2 thoughts on “Your World, The Matrix

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for writing this, I find it truly in line with how I believe everyone should act as a functioning member of society. I think we should constantly be questioning what we know about the world and about ourselves, in my view it is the only way to grow as a person. I however have one question for you and I don’t mean it to be offensive, but have you ever thought of questioning your faith? You write about questioning your leaders, your government, and the status quo, but what about the institutions of religion? I think it could be interesting for you to apply these same principles to this aspect of your life, if that’s something you haven’t done yet.

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    1. Hey no I don’t find that offensive at all! Thanks for checking out the article. The way I see the world is through a truth filter. I’m a Christian but i haven’t always been one. I chose to be a Christian because i found a lot of truth in it. I used to see it as a religious institution like you said, but I just found so much more satisfaction and fulfillment out of living for God. I used to think it was full of rules so it didn’t make any sense for me to follow them but actually when I found out about Jesus it really changed everything. Along with my faith I see the world in the same light. I’m always questioning and challenging anything really. I find I can be myself now more than any time in my life. Hope that answers your question!

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