It’s those tough times in life that make us realize there is so much hope in knowing God. Without God, what is life? All our crushed dreams, past mistakes, and hopeless wandering, wondering when we’ll finally catch a break.

Maybe that’s not the point of it all. Maybe we’ll never catch the true break that we are looking for. But maybe, just maybe, if we try hard enough, perseverance will eventually beat the odds. Our careers, dreams, and goals will suddenly lift off. I honestly have no idea if that’s true. I always like to think the ladder in that hard work, ambition, and perseverance will take us where we want to be but I’ve come up short many times before. We all have really. The more that I think about life, dreams, goals, ambition, success, and more, it’s clear that luck does play a part. Maybe you’re not meant to be lucky in this life.

Cross your fingers

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In saying this, it really is the tough times in life that make us realize, what if there was a God? When the chips are stacked up against us and the storm is brewing, what’s the only thing that could matter? How about heaven? Is it real? Sometimes our careers, goals, and ambitions don’t pan out or we’re struggling to find our place and purpose in that. I’ll always believe in chasing your dreams. I don’t think I’ll ever give up on that. But from the stance we’re talking from, maybe our purpose is found in who we are as a human being. Take away everything in life and what are you left with? You’re left with yourself.

My name is Troy and my purpose is to be me. Your purpose is to be yourself. When life is stacked up against you, at least you have purpose to be yourself. I know that because God told me that. He told me to tell you too. So when the winds of life are blowing you around and you see no direction, know that you are the direction by living this life as the person God created you to be. Look beyond the world. There’s hope beyond this world in God.

*Featured photo via GoogleImages



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