The mind is a powerful thing. With the mind, mountains can be conquered, space can be traveled, and the depth of the deep blue can be explored. The mind can impact culture and society in a way that transcends mankind. With the mind, we can shape hearts in a way that lead them to action. The mind brings diversity of positivity that can literally alter the landscape of our current existence. But then, there’s a mind that can be poisoned.

Adolf Hitler’s mind allowed for the extermination and torture of millions of innocent people. Try to pretend like our history isn’t filled with stories like this. Hitler used his mind to brainwash other minds and to manipulate innocent breath. If the mind can be used for such great purposes then surely the mind can be used to tear down the walls of peoples hearts and emotions.

With the mind, we are seeing a new generation of evil rise up. Isis has hopes of running the world into the ground. It has support all over the world from other minds that have been poisoned and filled with a disgusting sickness.

But then, there is another element to the good and bad that the mind brings. Beyond evil and light, any man’s mind can cause them problems. The darkness of this world can bring a man or woman to their knees at any moment. It can bring a complexity of thoughts that discourage a heart and bring despair. A mind can also become sick and tortured in a way that brings the most upright person to their knees asking where are you God? What is the meaning of life? I can’t say that I have all the answers to this world, but i can show you a cure to the madness.


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I have a medicine that can cure any sickness of the mind. God gave it to me and he guaranteed its effectiveness. I promise you. This medicine is mixed in a combination of prayer and love. You may think it’s corny until you try it for yourself. What if I told you that I’ve seen mountains move through this medicine? Then what would you say? You know the world is full of pain so why wouldn’t you try it? I thought it was ridiculous, absurd, corny, and flat out stupid before my own pain lead me to pray. I prayed, then i began to love. A book told me about this.

In short, the mind is a powerful thing that has been confused and poisoned but you have a choice on this day to be there for those in pain. To be there for minds that are sick. Maybe your mind is sick right now and you’re wondering what to do. I say you use your pain as a way to relate to others. That you be open about it and receive some healing. I know the mind is powerful because it told me to write this for you.

*Featured photo via GoogleImages


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