Have you ever felt a sense of longing and loneliness in your life? As I begin to write this post you’re probably already thinking that this is way too deep to think about or even take the time to read. You’re probably wondering why I am always writing on this stuff. I’m writing on this because it is real to me and I know for a fact it is real to you. This is life and life is full of deep matter. Since this is the case I am going to hit you with reality in its darkest of forms. I’m going to hit you with loneliness.

It is true that loneliness runs rampant in our society. Our culture tends to think of the term loneliness as a physical state of being. I think I could honestly conclude that almost all Americans would agree to loneliness being a physical state.

Type in the word loneliness on Google and see what you find. The first definition that pops up states: “sadness because one has no friends or company”. Other definitions conclude that loneliness is simply the result of being alone. I am no psychologist but I can tell you that this could not be anymore false and misleading. I can say this in 100% confidence because I’ve experienced loneliness, and I’ve also experienced the cure to it, and I promise you it was not people, a career, a goal, or other distractions.


Loneliness is no physical state of being because Loneliness Is A State Of Mind. Loneliness goes beyond the physical to the depths of the heart, soul, and mind. Loneliness sits anchored at the bottom of the ocean while the world tells us that it sits on the shore. You will not find loneliness on the shore and I can guarantee you that. If loneliness sits on the surface then why do people still feel it when they are in a relationship with someone they care about? If loneliness sits on the surface then why is it that people spend their whole lives around people and pursuing a career only to find their inner being longing for more? If loneliness sits on the surface then why do people go into a lonely depression? This is because loneliness is not a surface issue but an issue with your heart, mind, and soul. Loneliness cannot be solved by the world, it can only be solved by working on yourself and spending time with the creator of this universe, God.


Trust me, I know that you’re skeptical. I once questioned if God even existed. I get it. One thing I am not pointing you towards is a religion. I am pointing you towards a relationship with your maker.

All in all you can make this what you want. Maybe you are feeling exactly what was described but it is too deep of an issue for you to deal with. I am asking you to deal with it and know your worth. This life is not a game of who can put on the coolest mask or who can have the best looking social media account. This life symbolizes something way greater than you could ever imagine. People were put on this earth for a reason. You were put on this earth for a reason. I know for a fact that you have value and you want to know why? God just told me.

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8 thoughts on “Loneliness Is A State Of Mind

  1. heenarebel says:

    I am going through something similar in my life, feeling disconnected sometimes. loneliness! puts you down in so many ways, I absolutely agree with your message here that it’s rooted deep inside. This article is inspiring me to work through this emotion and not give up. Thanks
    God bless you!

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    1. Exactly! Keep working through it you got this!

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  2. Man! I think this is amazing!! I’m stinned, in a great way! I have jotted a few notes for a blog about depression and feeling alone in the middle of a crowd, and you went so much further. This was a great, thought provoking read, it is true. I would have commented about God here, but that’s where you went! He’s the only answer…and I know because I’ve been depressed and lonely as you described, and the ONLY thing that has secured me from it is a relationship with God. Thank you for writing this.

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    1. Exactly the only way to defeat something like this is to be in a relationship with God! Glad to hear you liked it!


  3. Hi Troy!
    came across your post at a time when I felt loneliness creep in to my orbit……
    Have dwelled upon the meaning of alone and lonely and the vast difference of these words……
    when you are alone and chose to commune with your creator then alone becomes all-one…..
    i like that idea
    the feeling of loneliness is almost a feeling of being lost…..

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    1. Yeah a lot of us have been there! You’re right in that there is a vast difference between alone and lonely. I hope this helped ya out!


      1. yes….it helped…..today i have been conquering that lonely feeling……been out for lunch with a pal and dealing with the state of mind……onward forward….keep up the good blogs…Hattie


      2. Glad to hear you’re dealing with it. You’re not the only one out there. You got this and also thank you I really appreciate it!


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