What if no one believed in you? Do you have a dream or a passion? Maybe someone has told you that they do not think you have what it takes to make your dream a reality. Other people may support you but deep down inside you can sense that they think your dream is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe you have read people’s body language and you can tell that is what they are thinking. Their body language is telling you there is “no way I am going to endorse or in any way support this guy or girl right here.”

So there we have it. We have the people who sit around staring into your life and dreams with absolutely no belief in you at all, but guess what, you do not need their endorsement or belief because that is not where your motivation comes from. Your motivation comes from your heart. You bleed this stuff and you know it. You believe in your heart that God put this dream there and there is absolutely no doubt. So then why are we going to sit back and let a lack of acknowledgement from others be the reason that we give up?

If anything this should be your cue. It is your turn to make the next move. Are you going to sit there and dwell on the fact that nobody believes you or are you going to quit talking about your dreams to everyone and actually work on them? That is it right there! You do not need to sit there and tell everyone about your dreams. Maybe the reason your sitting there and telling everyone about your dreams and vision is because you want them to tell you that you have what it takes and that you are good enough. Screw it man!

How about we do this for a change. We quit talking about it around other people and we patiently work at it. We allow process to bring forth greatness. Process is not something that happens over a week span but something that you grind out. So I am telling you now to get on that grind and start chiseling away at your vision.

Beyond this talk I am writing this because I am in the process of chipping away at goals. Will I ever reach them? Maybe, but maybe not. Will that stop me? No it will not stop me because I want to do the things that I enjoy doing while trying to make a difference in other people. I do not stand here on a pedestal as if I have accomplished a ton. What I do is I take my life and i put confidence into whatever task I shoot for knowing that people will doubt me and knowing that failure could be right around the corner. If I failed a million times and I succeeded that one time, It could make all the difference in the world. Furthermore, maybe failure gives us the ability to see something greater.

Man on a mountain

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I bet that if I looked into your life I could see that you are multi-dimensional. This meaning that you have the ability to try new things and succeed. If something has run its course and you can sense it, do not dwell on it but move on to the next thing in confidence. Life will rough you up if you allow it to.

One of the saddest things in life is a person who settles with everything they do. They settle in relationships, they settle in their goals, they settle in their job, and they settle in life. Isn’t it about time we stopped settling in life and we allowed God to work through us? I am telling you this for your own good.

So what is your goal or vision on this day? Write this vision or goal out on paper. The Bible told me once: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” So what do I do? I write the vision and I run. I run for my life. I put God above all areas of my life and I shoot to be ambitious.

Maybe your goal is to get your bachelor’s degree and no one in your family has ever made it that far. You are uniquely designed and capable. Maybe your goal is to walk on to a college athletics team. Maybe your goal is to buy your own house. Your goal could be just about anything, but only you have the ability to see it through to the end. On this day and this moment, be inspired. Take that inspiration into the next day and beyond. BE INSPIRATION.

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4 thoughts on “What If No One Believed In You

  1. leleharris says:

    Thank you for the motivation and encourgament. This spoke to me in many ways. God lead you to write this post and it surely is worth it. Whatever is on your heart never stop writing.
    Stay Blessed & Stay Encouraged

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey that’s what my goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage all of you! Glad to hear it. Stay blessed as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. heenarebel says:

    I am pleasantly surprised that whenever I am reading your articles, it seems like you some how knew what I am going through and God is sending this message through you. I am amazed! Thanks so much Troy, As I have also tried to move away from the things that were not working out for me and trying out new creative mediums, the support & encouragement that I was expecting is not the same. You are absolutely right about not bothering about other people’s reactions and keep doing what God is guiding us to do 🙂
    Thank you for helping so many people out there who must be feeling the same and your message is inspiring them to carry on with their dreams.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah you’ll be surprised at how many people do not really support you. I just use that as motivation and I keep doing what God puts on my heart! Keep it up and do not let anyone discourage you. Only you can decided what you want to do and only you can have the confidence to see it through. Thanks for the read!

      Liked by 1 person

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