Let me paint you a dark picture. This picture is named loneliness in a crowded room. No, not loneliness in an empty room, but rather a crowded room.

To the outsider, the room is full of light, laughter, talent, compassion, positive vibes, and most importantly, people. To the person on the inside, the room is dark. It’s emotionless. The room is filled, yet empty at the same time.

There is one thought or maybe two thoughts that sit in the room. Loneliness is paired with fear. A heart is twisted and gripped.

But you tend to put on a face don’t you? I’m talking to you fear! Fear, you put on a face don’t you? Don’t lie to me when I know it is true.

So here we sit in the dark abyss with only fear and loneliness gripped to our spine. We sit in a cloud of haze because nobody will ever truly see the inside because the door to our soul is locked up! It’s locked up!

Dark room with dim light

Photo Via GoogleImages

Helpless. You’re helpless aren’t you? But everyone on the outside says that you have got it all figured out so you run with the idea. You run with the idea and never look back. Then one day, maybe 40 years later, your life slows down and the realization smacks you in the head. You’re a lonely human being that has ran and distracted yourself from the pain and the fear.

Quit running. I said quit running! You’re a human being, not a robot. You’re not made of metal, you’re made of flesh.

You give the idea that you walk with people, but really you walk this road alone. It’s a lonely walk, if that. Maybe you don’t even feel like you’re walking but rather you’re stagnant. The life you were meant to live is put on hold while time continues to tick. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. An alarm finally sounds and you have had enough.

Stop avoiding it. Be real, but never let it consume you.

*Featured Photo Via GoogleImages

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