We want to hold onto these feelings so bad. Sometimes, a situation or a person causes a rise in these emotions and so we begin to light the flame and stack the wood until the fire is blazing in our soul.

Deep down we think that we just slighted the person. Or maybe we use the fire in our soul to take it out on the person or situation. Other times, the person that we take it out on is ourselves. We grip these situations.

We tend to grip these situations until they cripple us. At first, we thought that we could get by with allowing a little bit of resentment into our heart but then we realize that we made the situation worse because now we crave that feeling. We put a little gasoline on the fire and it exploded.


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How is it that a human being can crave a feeling that is so detrimental to the mind? How can a human being fall in love with feelings that are so poisonous?

So there we sit. We sit in our wickedness and sip on the poison. We believe the lie that we need it to survive.

Think of how twisted that is. We sip on poison believing that it is the only option. We sip on it as it leads us into a slow and painful death. The ride called life begins to slowly lose its satisfaction.

What is the meaning to this twisted life? This life is a black hole and it has swallowed us. No more does our mind feel at ease and at peace. No more does our heart feel love. No more is there any sense of happiness. The body is now numb because of bitterness, envy, grudges, and resentment.

I can’t stand it and you can’t stand it. The feelings are crippling. My heart is so tight that it is about to burst. So sadly we might just let it. We know we need help.

We yell to the world but no one hears us. The world gives us these half-hearted responses while deep down we know they hardly care. Better yet, we look to a sick world to heal a sick soul. That’s right, we’re sick. So I’m done looking to the world.

The world has failed me. My soul has failed me. My heart has failed me. My mind has failed me. Please help us God or we will perish forever….

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3 thoughts on “Bitterness, Envy, Grudges, Resentment

  1. Hi Troy!
    I like your writing….
    Yes…it’s true …we nurse our pain and resentment….keep it warm …feed it …
    Last year I had an amazing healing journey through cancer and out the other side…..
    One of the biggest lessons I learnt (there were many)….. Was that forgiveness is the first step towards healing ….looking deep inside and seeking forgiveness from others/ from ourselves …..
    The forgiveness led to deep healing ….
    Giving my soul freedom to grow and move forward…..

    Keep writing ….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey thank you very much! That’s a really inspirational story both from the physical end and the spiritual end. Glad to hear that you’ve received both spiritual and physical healing!


  2. joymoraa says:

    ….How is it that a human being can crave a feeling so detrimental to the mind?….questions that we never get to find answers to. Absolutely nice piece!👍


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