“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

This election cycle I proudly sent my ballot in for Donald Trump. I wanted to take the time to explain why myself and so many others voted for him as well as some of my theories regarding the election and America.

First off, we voted for Trump because a lot of us see Trump as a vote against the system and against liberal progressive policies. Let me ask you this: Take Obama the person out of the equation and honestly ask yourself….was the country more united or more divided after his 8 years as president? It’s quite obvious that the country was more divided. We need change more than ever and another democratic candidate just won’t get it done. Furthermore, balance has to be restored.

I personally believe that the ideas of liberalism have infiltrated society and manipulated way too many people. The whole liberal movement has hijacked a portion of society who are completely uneducated (Not all liberals are uneducated. Some are incredibly intelligent and I respect their opinions.) and have never taken the time to really understand the ideas behind the sanctity of the constitution and the issues that both the republican party and the democratic party hold.

I can tell you this. At one point in time I had considered becoming an independent. I had considered this until I objectively looked at true conservatism. I thought, “wow I actually agree with this”. I could never support abortion, I told myself. Abortion in the United States occurs up to 24 to 26 weeks. At around 8 weeks a baby has a heartbeat. At 24 to 26 weeks, a baby is fully formed but yet we’re going to kill it? That doesn’t sound like pro choice at all. Where’s the baby’s choice? In 2012, the CDC reported that there were over 650,000 legal abortions among those that were actually reported. Over the past couple of years there have been millions of abortions nation wide. This is not even a political opinion. Abortion and murder is morally wrong.

Nevertheless, many of us agree on the stances like these of the republican party and Donald Trump was and is an opening for that. But let’s talk more about the issues. Donald Trump has said repeatedly he wants to protect our 2nd amendment. The founding fathers gave us this amendment to protect us from the dangers of people and tyrannical governments that may try to infiltrate the system (and yes I believe in background checks). We believe in protecting the constitution and that fundamental right.

We also believe in a stronger military. While a promise is only a promise, Trump has claimed he wants to build back the military. This is crucial in a time where ISIS is running crazy. We need a strong military. As technology advances and governments around the world continue to build up their military, we cannot become victim to policies that tear down our military. If anything needs to be funded in a society that is running rampant with debt, it’s the military.

This leads to my next point. Our country may be at the point of no return financially. We have done this to our self and sadly we may be too late. Our country is currently at it’s lowest labor force participation rate in 38 years. That number stands at 62.4%, depending on who you ask. Furthermore, our debt as a nation is over $19 trillion! We need a candidate who actually has experience in business. Donald Trump may be the most qualified candidate economically speaking that the country has ever seen.

I think one of the biggest issues people related to was ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. I love immigration but illegal immigration has got to go. In a world that is currently filled with violence and deception, Trump was one of the first and only candidates to speak out on this. How can we just open up borders with no checks on who is coming in? You really want that? Let me give you a little scenario. Saddam Hussein walks up to the border and walks straight into the country. You’re okay with that? Look, I want to help immigrants as much as the next person but there are safer and more intelligent ways to help the poor and needy from neighboring countries and countries abroad. Safe Zones are an example of this. Just because you support the securing of our borders does not mean you can’t still help. Supporting legal immigration also does not make you a racist like some have claimed of Trump. Is it not true that some people who come across the border could be criminals? Actually it’s a fact that if you come across the border illegally you ARE a criminal by law. The media blew this one up and took it out of context.

Beyond immigration, there are a ton of other reasons that Trump was a candidate 50% of the population wanted to endorse. I know for me personally, I like the idea of repealing the Johnson amendment which gives organizations a voice to endorse candidates.

For me, I know one of the biggest reasons I voted for Trump was because I was sick of seeing the bias in the media. The media has created a double standard for all of society and a vote for Trump was a way of me sticking it to them. We look at a tape of a man that was over ten years ago and we point the finger claiming words such as bigot, racist, sexist and more. I say he who is without sin shall cast the first stone. Largely, from a society standpoint, we’re all hypocrites. Look at the music you’re listening to. The same people who claimed this stuff often we’re the same people endorsing music that objectifies women. The same people who claimed this stuff we’re the same people going to watch 50 Shades of Grey. How as a society can we claim such a thing from a single event in a man’s life while we endorse the same? No I do not think he is any of those things and I will gladly stand by this. Now, is he a perfect man? No he’s not and I would say he is far from that. He’s said some very wrong things that I do not approve of. So do I love Donald Trump from an action standpoint? No I do not. From a Christ like stand point I do love him though. I support Donald Trump. I support the influence he has in his life right now of Godly men such as Mike Pence, Mike Huckabee, and Dr. Ben Carson. I pray over Donald Trump.

Trump was never my first candidate. Ben Carson was my pick. Donald Trump is an imperfect human being that is flawed just like the rest of us. He’s made some mistakes, some of which he has apologized for and others which he has not. Nevertheless, this is just my opinion but as you can see it’s an opinion that I have put quite a bit of thought into. For all I know, Donald Trump could be a horrendous president and if that is the case then you were right, we shouldn’t have voted for him.

So no, I do not expect everyone to think like I do. I do not have an expectation that you vote like me. If you voted for Hilary Clinton, I still love you. If you voted for Gary Johnson, I still love you. More than the voting and the chaos that has surrounded this election, I have love for this country. I feel blessed to live in a country where I have the right to express my speech and my faith. I want that continue. I also want you to have that right.

Lastly, I want to end it like this: No Jesus would have never picked a political side. The last thing we need to do is bash each other. As a country, no matter who is in office we need to pray for them. We need to remember that we’re One Nation Under God. We need to remember that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Division is not the answer. The only answer is unity. I am a Christian and I proudly voted for Donald Trump.

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One thought on “We Proudly Voted Trump

  1. Sparkyjen says:

    I applaud your honesty and ownership of the reasons why your voted for the candidate of your choice. At least you know why you did so. You are proud of being an American who has the freedom to vote as you so choose. Many people voted the way you have, and that’s the reason President-Elect Trump is in the White House. Don’t hold your breathe, but after he’s sworn in many of those who are at odds with the results may just swing the other way. My thoughts are: he’s human. He wanted to win, and was advised how to get the job done. He may not be totally pleased with some of the advice he took, but I dare say he’s ready to serve this country in the best way he knows how right now. He may have to adjust on some points, and stand firm on others. Whatever he decides, he’ll be the man in the chair. I wonder if people reason just how scary that must be for him and his family? And regardless of how he runs the country, there’s a very good possibility that we as Americans will survive. Unless our country comes crashing down around our ears[and I don’t think it will], we will survive, and maybe even be the better for it. I am a firm believer that things happen the way they are supposed to. The vote was no accident. This has happened….period!


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