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My personal blog site was created as an outlet for my voice to anyone who wants to listen! The motivation behind the title UnrestrictedPen is exactly as it sounds. When I write, the pen is not restricted or confined to a certain topic. It is also by no means, restricted by what others may think. I don’t write to produce a ton of articles but I write in hopes that others can relate and find meaning in my posts. I hope people feel inspired to be the person they were meant to be and to find out the true value they have as a person. Furthermore, I write what I feel and I write on things I’m interested in and that’s about it. I maintain the perspective that everyone’s opinion will be respected and I will greatly appreciate comments whether you agree with me or disagree! More recently, I have started up a fitness and sports page as well. I encourage you all to check it out and use the workouts I put up to live a healthier lifestyle!

A little bit about myself

My name is Troy Bowersox and I am 23 years old. Currently, I am living in the great city of Rochester in the great state of New York! A state where taxes are high and the winters are harsh. A state where we take pride in our professional sports teams, even though they may give us one or two headaches a month (And yes I’m a New York Knicks fan so don’t hate). But on a serious note, a part of me will always love New York. I was born and raised in Binghamton where much of my family currently resides. Growing up I’ve always been passionate about family, friends, people, and sports while more recently being passionate about traveling, my Christian faith, politics, and business. I played soccer through college where I attended Roberts Wesleyan in Rochester and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. I had several amazing opportunities to travel from the time I was in college to just recently being out of college. I’ve been all over the globe traveling to Africa, Brazil, and even Turkey (and yes Canada but we all know that doesn’t count)! Nevertheless I’ve really come to love Rochester and the community. As I continue to reside in the city of Rochester my goal is to always be pursuing things I’m passionate about and using the gifts God has given me while allowing my faith to inform my life. So this is where I am and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with all of you guys!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. sparkyjen says:

    Hiya Troy! I like your attitude. Continue to share your opinions. They matter. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all thought the same? Always agreed? Twinned each other??

    We probably wouldn’t know it, but I’m gonna say, if one day we were suddenly made aware, we’d not like it at all. It would find it more assaulting than people who don’t like us because we are not like them now.

    I rejoice in the fact that you are in the world speaking your truth. As a young 60, I have made my peace with the fact that you are the future. Go for it young man. Go! Go! Go!!!

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    1. I totally agree in that we are all uniquely different! Thanks for the kind words I really appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

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